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Piano on Nameless Lady

When I was asked to give playing keyboards on “Nameless Lady” a try I was happy at the opportunity to play something outside of bass as part of an original song. I took piano when I was in second grade and I like it and seemed to have an aptitude for it. Unfortunately we had to move and leave the baby grand behind. My only experience after that was years later when my grandfather gifted me one of his two Yamahas and I was able to spend time with some 'Easy Piano' pieces.

I had assumed learning to play the requested parts would take a bit of time but I had no idea just how much of an effort it was really going to take. The way the bass and treble parts changed was unlike anything I had played before. I was resorting to playing at half-speed just to build up the muscle memory.

Getting my fingers to play some of the chords' notes at the same time was maddening. At one point, I swore I was going to force Pooch to show me how he was able to play them. I later found out he hadn't actually played them, just composed them (Well I played them….one note at a time and then cut and pasted…a lot harder than actually playing them – Pooch). At least I was able to laugh at that.

In the end it was a very humbling experience but I can say I am definitely better off for the experience and am considering revisiting lessons sometime in the future. I hope the track fully becomes what the band envisioned.


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