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I would like to talk a moment about the Rockin’ For Rescue concert being held from 2:00PM to 8:00PM on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at KJ Farrell’s in Bellmore. Curt and Bobbie Arnel founded this organization to create a bridge for the music community to assist in raising funds to donate to worthy animal rescue groups on Long Island, NY. They have adopted two dogs, Oscar and Shane, who were rescued from bad situations. Through this experience they were made aware of the plight of these loving, helpless pets who are too often abused, abandoned or neglected. Curt and Bobbie have come to appreciate the selfless and thankless work of the wonderful people who actively rescue, foster and facilitate the adoption of these pets into caring and loving homes. 

Many of you know my own personal rescue story. I was just about to buy a silky terrier and a friend of mine at work (shout out to Lucille) said “NO! Get a rescue!” I went to Last Hope in Wantagh and there was a 10 year old Shih Tzu who had been put in a kill shelter in Kentucky because her family got divorced. No one wanted her. Billie was seriously neglected – in fact was a complete mess. She looked so sad. I could not comphrehend how anyone could have such a good dog for ten years and callously drop her off at a kill shelter….and drive away. My instincts told me she was the dog for me even though some friends questioned the wisdom of adopting an older dog. She needed a home and I need a buddy to pal around with. For the next eleven months we were inseparable. It took about 20 minutes before I started spoiling her. She was perfect for me and my kids. Unfortunately the following summer I lost her after doing everything possible to keep her alive. My son said he never saw me cry; I am sure he was right.

My experience with Billie told me one thing: there was another dog out there who needed a home and I was going to get one asap. A search on Rescue Me! of any dog within 100 miles of my home yielded 8000 dogs in need of adoption. A staggering number. I was beyond shocked. A friend told me about a male Shih Tzu named Nibbly (shout out to Gina and Maria) who was available at Yorkie 911 who was very “vocal” but was not a barker. He was cute as a button but was a growler; he could be intimidating. It was a bit of a challenge at first but again he needed a home and I needed a dog. I had the patience, time and experience to work with him and after seven months he is so much better but still has a way to go. We love him completely and can’t imagine not having him in our home. His foster mom Gina did an awesome job with him; I can’t credit or thank her enough for bringing this wonderful dog so far and into my life.

In short every time I think of both of these great dogs I not only remember how much they meant to me and my family but that we were able to provide for them the home and love they so deserved and had been denied. ADOPT DON”T SHOP!

Animal rescues require funds for food, veterinarian bills, wee wee pads, treats, transportation and other costs which frequently are paid for by the people who are also donating their time to save these pets. As there is a severe shortage of funds for this work, the Arnels decided to form Rockin For Rescue to help raise funds, and awareness of these efforts, primarily through their ties to the Long Island music community. They conduct fundraising activities at music venues and events and donate the funds to assist the rescue organizations on Long Island. 

We hope you are planning to join us for Rockin4Rescue’s Inaugural Big Benefit Concert on Sunday 3/31 (MAKE BOLD) at KJ Farrell's from 2-8 pm. They have already procured a lot of GREAT raffles for this event, with many more to come. Below is a list of the companies that have donated raffles so far, in alphabetical order. Please support these generous local and online merchants who have supported animals in need of rescue.

Bagel Boss (Merrick)
Barkbox (Dog toys and accessories)
Bellmore Playhouse 
Berne (Jewelers – Merrick)) 
Best Market 
Bobbie Arnel Fitness (Personal training, females only - Merrick)
Carol Orentlicher (Personal training - your home in Nassau)
Cheesecake Factory (Dog toys and accessories)
Crunch Fitness (Bellmore/West Babylon/Amityville) 
Garden Social (Beer Garden/Restaurant - East Meadow)
Grillfire (George Martin restaurant - Merrick)
KJ Farrell's (Bellmore)
Let’s Bag It/Let’s Accessorize (Merrick)
Lupine Dealer (Leashes and Harnesses)

LOL Surprise Dolls/Accessories (donated by Elena Ferrigno)

Massage Envy
Merrick Cinemas
Metromodes (Hair Salon - Bellmore)
Nail Club (Merrick)

Panera Bread
Santorini (Greek restaurant - Merrick)
Suburbia Meats (Merrick)
Temptations (Ladies Clothing- Merrick)
Tito's Vodka
Tomato and Basil (Italian restaurant - Merrick)



They appreciate the generosity and support of the amazing Long Island music community, which is full of talented, good hearted and generous people, many of whom are pet owners and care about animals in need of rescue. If you would like to become involved, or have a fundraising opportunity, please let Curt and Bobbie know! Please "Like", "Follow" and Share their Facebook page with your friends!  Thank you!


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