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The Songs of Hello Brooklyn: My Friends Say

Nancy Levinson – Back up Vocal, Percussion, Production Assistant

This is a very cool song. I love the groove and I love that Rich was the fire that got this started. It’s also so apropos because Mike is a guy’s guy and has a very cool group of friends who make up and also take up a big part of his life, which is one of the things I love about him. So having a song like this in his repertoire is very fitting. It’s just got this vibe to it that’s also very sexy. The lyrics are really mind blowing as they are representing of how much his friends opinions mean but in actuality he does his own thing and has his own mind. I just dig the vibe.

Joe Pisano – Rhythm Guitar, Assistant Junior Producer

As I recall, the “My Friends Say” composition was started out in Colorado. Pooch was on a trip to visit some old college friends and his friend Rich Feit came up with the chord progression. He used some chord voicings that were new to me. I played rhythm guitar on the track and had to toggle between a G7 and C7 for the verse. The G7 had an almost dissonant sound but it is the signature sound of the song. Also, there’s a cool “buzz” throughout the song

Michael J. Puccio – Co-Composer, Vocalist, Producer, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

While on a boy’s trip to Colorado, we were hanging out playing guitars. Rich Feit, our bass player in college, started strumming some unusual chords…. which he basically made up. He sang “I’ve seen the sun come up at night…” in a plaintive voice. I was like “whoa!” show me THAT. He did and when off to shower. When he came back I had added two rough verses and a bridge which he liked. It literally took 20 minutes. I had asked if I include it on the album and he was like sure.

When I got home I threw myself into the demo. It’s a quirky little tune that has a wispy quality about it; mainly due to Rich’s weird chords and a little flange on the guitars. All the pieces just came into my mind on the spur of the moment – the leads, the backup vocals and horns (which I did not like at first because it sounded like the USC marching band). I approached the vocals with the idea in mind that the singer was a little daft and his friends were concerned. The demo is one that I am so proud of.

In the studio it quickly got named the “Lennon tune” which pleased me to no end. After Joe started the tracks with that flanged up Telecaster of his…. I got to play everything else but the drums which Draper played masterfully.. Rich complimented my bass line which was cool to hear. I wanted to replace the horns with some synthesizer, but Joe Pisano argued strenuously to keep it. In the end we did and even used the same horn part from my demo. The finish product is one I am very proud of and this song has the distinction of being the first finished for the album.

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