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The Songs of Hello Brooklyn: Circle M

Nancy Levinson – Percussion, Production Assistant

I love this song so much because it just flows and makes you feel good. The music really fits the lyrics… it does have a little country feel as well which I love too. All of Michael's songs seem to have a theme of the memories we have from our past and how we deal with them and this song doesn't disappoint. Playing the cowbell was an absolute thrill having never done that before on an album or anywhere! I love the line 'I'll brush your hair and you'll comprehend' I asked Michael if he meant really brush her hair because I thought that was so romantic lol, but he said he meant to just brush it aside lol. It's a very special song too because whenever we go to the Circle M Diner we know it's got a lot of meaning behind it! It’s just an uplifting song.

Joe Pisano – Guitar, Assistant Junior Producer

I am usually in the studio for most of the recording sessions, but for this song I have limited firsthand experience to comment on. Besides playing rhythm guitar, I was present in the studio when Pooch was laying down lead vocals. What I seem to remember as a point of contention between Pooch and Vinnie was Pooch’s pronunciation of “Genuine” Once that was straightened out the contributions of Rich Aebly on harmonica and background vocals culminated in the final product.

Michael J. Puccio – Composer, Vocalist, Producer

I had a conversation with a good friend in the Circle M Diner and when I got up to relieve myself I heard little snippets of conversation as I passed each table or booth. There was a lot going on in that diner that day! I had the idea for a Bob Dylan song a la “Highway 61” – roughhewn with cryptic lyrics. The lyrics came out the way I wanted but the song is very polished in my ears and very sweet…and dreamy….and relaxed. Does not sound like Bob Dylan at all! As with all songs I have written I am very proud of this one especially the lyrics.

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