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New Moon Smile Track by Track

I have had the pleasure to watch my father create New Moon Smile very closely, from hearing some of the songs being recording in our living room in demo form and packing the CD cases, it has been quite an iconic experience. This record is happy, fun, and very cool. The opening track, “I’m Not in Love”, a cover from Guardians of the Galaxy is a great opening track to any record. “It’s just a silly phase I’m going through, just because I call you up… I’m not in love” is my favorite line from this song. The production is very minimal and simplistic, and very angelic.

The next song I have had a very close up view of the making of is of course, one of the originals, “New Moon Smile”. The title track, of course. The chorus is very exciting in this song, and very upbeat. I definitely would have to say this is one of my favorite originals that my dad has written. “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” is another classic song. I’ve had the opportunity to see my dad sing this song live, and I truly believe it is one of the best songs for his rock voice. The saxophone on this track is very well played! My dad always says he is very proud of John’s playing and we are very grateful for him playing on this record.

The fourth track on the record, ‘Let It Be Me”, is very emotional and romantic. “Without your sweet love, what would life be” is my favorite line in this song, as it is very relatable to not just my life, but anyone’s. The melodica is played on this track, and it sounds superb. The fifth track “Green River”, which I’ve seen my dad perform live many times is a bop as us 20-year olds would say. I also believe this is one of my “holy trinity” off the album. Track 6, which I always believe should be a poppy track, is “Calico Skies”. I do like my dad’s twist on this iconic Paul McCartney song. “Yu’re a Friend of Mine” is my favorite track on the record. I love the way Ed Costello, his daughter Pamela, and my dad sound together. I believe this has consistently been my favorite song to hear off this record. “Secret Agent Man” is another classic song that my dad has flawlessly covered many times. I love his inspiration to add the crowd to the beginning (which is studio sound affects). Chris’s standout guitar really brings the track together, along with the Mike Draper’s awesome drumming.

“Warm and Beautiful” is another McCartney cover which I’ve had the pleasure of listening to many times. The sound of the piano is really classical, and my dad’s voice really brings the song together, making it a sweet song. “Heart Full of Soul” has to be another of my favorite tracks off the album. I like the tambourine (shout out Vinnie). Dad’s guitar solo after the first chorus is amazing. And of whoever played the vibra slap, please come find me (LOL)!

“Jodi’s Shoes”, I have had the pleasure to hear many, many times while it was in progress. This song is every rock star dream to have in their catalogue. The amazing inspiration that causes my dad to write this 9-minute song is amazing. The sound effects truly bring the icing on the cake for the closing track on this amazing record.

The closing track is very simplistic and pretty: “Moon River”. The lyrics “and such a lot of world to see” are very important to I think many people, for a lot of different reasons. The sound effects truly bring the icing on the cake for the closing track on this amazing record. I am so proud of my dad for following his dream (and John Lennon) by making this album and "Hello Brooklyn". I love hearing the music, especially when my dad asks me my opinions on the songs while making them. He tries to make it a family affair as well, which really makes it great! If you have not listened to New Moon Smile yet, I hope you all do because it is fabulous!

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