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The Homeless House Band at BC’s Pub

StartFragmentSunday 9/15 was a My-t-Fine late summer day, and there was no better way to spend it than groovin to the sweet soul music of the Homeless House Band.

Despite their name, these fellas should not be homeless. They deserve the royal treatment in a glorious mansion. The lead singer, Mike “Dog” Puccio (or Pooch, as his friends call him) leads a spirited ensemble in the merrymaking of rock n roll. His lady Nancy, sings backup and plays tambourines and keeps these dudes on the right track. Marcelo the lead guitarist, Nathan the drummer and bass player Joe lay down the tracks and jams with fine precision.

Again, the sun was shining, food and beverage was plentiful, and the HHB did the outdoor deck. They played 2 sets, both stacked with familiar rock tunes from the days of old, through the 80s. Highlights were Airplane’s “White Rabbit”, Stones “Satisfaction”, CCR’s “Born on the Bayou” and “Green River”. But yours truly was genuinely touched with the dedication to me of “Sharp Dressed Man” and to our dear friend JoAnn Lupo-Hagan of “American Girl”. Wow.

I must mention the hard driving original cut, “Hello Brooklyn”. Puccio wrote music and lyrics and pays homage to his borough of birth. It’s not only a tribute, it’s a finely written singalong that got the crowd up and dancing. That’s the goal of all bands. Make the folks happy and give ‘em what they came for.

If you have a chance to see T

HHB, go for it. You’re guaranteed to enjoy!

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