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The Making of "In a Quiet Moment"


I have had the privilege of playing both guitar and bass on many of Pooch’s songs. Additionally, I have been granted the chance to show my vocal prowess by singing backup on "Funk 62" and "Hello Brooklyn". However, these privileges do not come without a price as I have been assigned other tasks. One of my roles is being the session musicians ‘Candyman’ where I supply the necessary substances to get them through the session. Mainly this consists of supplying Pooch an ample supply of Tums!

My main ancillary duty though, is to chronicle the recording sessions of ‘Hello Brooklyn’ via photos and videos. This entails capturing the various musicians warming up, interacting with others in the studio and playing their parts. I compile the photos into a montage which is accompanied by a stripped-down version of ‘My Friends Say’ playing in the background. Also, I capture these guests saying, “Hello Brooklyn!” and have compiled this into a video entitled ‘Salutations’. Above all, my favorite salutation is done by Craig Renfrow as he squawks “Hello Brooklyn!”

The centerpiece of this endeavor however, is the making of a video comprised of video clips from the sessions entitled ‘In a Quiet Moment’. (Pooch: this is a line from "Run from the Rhythm"). This is no small task as it involves editing many minutes of video down to manageable pieces which eventually will be one movie.

Perhaps my favorite interactions are those between Pooch and Nancy even though they rarely have anything to do with the recording of music. Nancy's influence on the making of the album and Pooch cannot be overstated. Another favorite clip is of Pooch walking his beloved dog Billie, whom we lost last year, with a touching early version of the song he wrote for her playing in the background. And then there are the clips of Vinnie who guides and instructs the singers and musicians in his animated and inimitable way!

Once the album is released, the film "In a Quiet Moment" will accompany the recording and be distributed on line via this website. We all hope you will enjoy this intimate look at the making of the "Hello Brooklyn" album.


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