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You're a Friend of Mine

Eddie NOT singing "Love Shack" with the M7s Fall 2002..........


Knowing Mike (Pooch to all) for over 20 years I always know to expect the unexpected, but not when it comes to his passion for music, he’s all in. Back then there were two things you found out from Mike within in the first few minutes of meeting him, he was the proud father of twins and that he loves music.

My first encounter (and minor part) of working with Mike musically was for his 40th Birthday Bash, I had the distinct privilege of playing the tambourine and lead vocals on "Love Shack (EDITOR'S NOTE: It was actually "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night - but I can see how you can cnfuse the two). After that outstanding performance Mike thought better and reassigned my duties as the honorary manager of the band (low point in my musical career). I became Colonel Eddie Costello.

As the years move on so has Mike’s passion for music, creating bands, playing the songs he loves and creating music and songs expressing his love and passions for life. He’s brought people together to celebrate and honor friends and family. While I enjoyed all of these experiences being the honorary manager of the band and sometimes the MC at these events I could only experience them from the outside looking in.

That all change the day Mike called me and asked if I wanted to be on the new album he was creating “New Moon Smile”. I knew he was doing sessions at Hard Drive Studios with his very talented team of friends and musicians and the head of Hard Drive Vinnie, whom I refer to as the “Master” but the last thing I expected was to be asked to participate or even sing a song on the album. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement but it lasted only a second as Mike's real intent shortly emerged and the next words out of his month “only if Pamela would agree to sing” (my daughter). At first I was taken back but I quickly understood Mike knows real talent and Pamela has it. I told Mike I didn’t have to sing and I’m sure Pamela would love to participate. Mike made my day when he said that Pamela and I would be singing together.

The rest is history, while Pamela is a natural, has a beautiful voice and is easy to direct with minimal takes it wasn’t the same for me. It took Mike’s creative direction, insight, passion and patients along with Vinnie’s master mixing skills and fine tuned ear to make to make the words flow and in line with Pamela and Mike. In short, to be included in the making of New Moon Smile and the upcoming release of Hello Brooklyn has sealed Mike’s fate, forever You’re a Friend of Mine.

More to Come

EDITOR'S NOTE: I do have the rough takes of Eddie's, Pam's and my performance but they will only be released

after my death,


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