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WAY Out of My Comfort Zone

Hello friends, these past few months have been quite amazing for me. Between performing two songs at the Concert for Chris and being cold-called on stage at my ‘big’ birthday celeb at KJ Farrells – long story (see below)…lol….I have checked off the bucket list twice! You see, I guess I have always had a fantasy of singing on stage, but I’ve never had the talent nor courage to attempt it. I have stage fright which as of now I’m working on overcoming – lol. Michael was rehearsing with CAJ for the Concert for Chris and he came into the control room at Hard Drive saying he was having trouble reaching the notes in the chorus to White Room. So, I (not realizing what I was getting myself into) just sang it and he literally took me by the hand and put me in front of the mic and I sang it (with the band there no less)! …. then he asked me to sing the chorus to A Hard Day’s Night – you know Paul’s part “When I’m home…” and I must’ve done that ok too because the next thing I know I’m rehearsing with the band to perform on Dec. 16 in front of a lot of people!! Believe it or not, literally, the next day, I got a cold and had laryngitis!! Michael said ‘it must be a sign’ lol …. I was freaking out because I couldn’t rehearse with the band or even by myself!

So, with weeks of practice at the studio and Michael’s living room, it was extremely nerve wracking and challenging for me – I did sing at the show at The Sunset Grill. It was like jumping out of a plane! Good thing I was having a good hair day – lol – and Michael liked my outfit – so I just had to sing decently! 😉 The mic volume was too low – my voice was not loud enough – but the crowd (our friends and family) were cheering “Nancy! Nancy!” it was funny and scary at the same time. Michael switched me over to another mic for White Room and the volume was a bit better. I wish I had sung better but I was nervous, and it was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, so I got kudos for having the balls (yes balls!) to do it! Bucket List check!

Cut to Jan.27 (day after my big bday) and we are at Farrells for my celebration which was so amazing they were doing this for me. They called me and another woman up to blow out candles (it was her bday too a few days later) and I see Michael going up on stage setting up a guitar! I am freaking out because he's never played at the open mic jam before! But I am ecstatic! I tried to remain calm, so he’d pick up my vibe (I’m all about the vibe) and the next thing I know he’s doing “Green River”. I’m so happy – I’m dancing and having THE BEST time, thinking to myself ‘that’s my boyfriend up there…I am living a fantasy for sure…well then he goes on to do Johnny B. Goode and some people started dancing and it was a real rocker! Next thing I know, I hear “Nancy, come on up” and I’m screaming – ‘No, you’re crazy” – so Michael yells out “it’s your birthday, Nan, you have to!”….so I am now having an out of body experience…my mind is saying no but my body knows it better move up to the stage and there I go…RELUCTANTLY…scared out of my mind because I’m NOT a singer and I’m NOT prepared and holy shit – how am I going to pull this off??? Luckily the musicians are my friends so I was trying so hard to have fun go with it and do a good job – but I had trouble staying on key – and I just prayed that I wouldn’t completely make a fool out of myself and ruin the song. The song itself was played so well by the other musicians and Michael sang so well, but I gave it my best – well my best not being a singer or having any preparation – I still can’t believe it….it was a dream and a nightmare at the same time!

So, there it is – Nancy’s big moment(s)…. well, I’ve had 2 chances and believe it or not I’d like one more try to get it right!! We shall see.

On another note, pun intended, I’ve been enjoying going to the studio again and hearing the progress on the songs for Hello Brooklyn, especially the song Michael wrote for me, ‘Nobody’s Girl’…. I am smiling now as I write this as it’s such a special song to me…our love song…and it’s so good!

I’m just living the dream these days, appreciating all my blessings and especially music and the way it makes me feel and sharing it with a special someone makes it all the more special. <3

Keep on rockin….

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