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The New Moon Smile Sessions


As someone who is still in 'student mode' when it comes to playing bass guitar and music theory,

my experience with New Moon Smile was one that, in the past, I had only dreamed of doing.

I was and am extremely grateful, that Michael "Pooch" Puccio asked me to perform on even one of the songs, let alone 4. As if being a newbie wasn't intimidating enough, I had to learn a solo as well.

I knew I was going to be in for a lot of work, but this was what I was fantasizing about for so long that I eagerly threw myself into each song. Having recently become reacquainted with music notation, I wrote out what I needed, when I felt it was necessary, to ensure I could learn the songs to completion. Going to the studio for the first time was just a magical moment. At least until the recording started. Then it was mostly work. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a lot of fun, as it most certainly was.

The studio process with Mike was interesting, especially to a beginner. Mike would listen to my input then tell me to do it his way. Okay, only MOST of the time. He does listen and definitely looked for perfection but that made it all worthwhile in the end.

I learned a lot, in general and in particular on a simple song: Green River. Not being able to pick out the bass line from the original, I played what I thought it should be from my own understanding. Then I was able to get an isolated track and go to hear how the bass was supposed to pick up the feel of the song and just how badly I had previously mangled it.

I’ll always be grateful to Mike for giving me an opportunity he easily have had more experienced people play and I look forward to any and all future collaborations!

Rock On!

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