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Song Writing - The New Moon Smile Originals


One of the biggest surprises to come out of "New Moon Smile" was my attempt to write my own songs; something I had not tried since college. I have been going to Hard Drive Studios for over a decade to rehearse and Vinnie always wanted me to write my own songs - mostly because he figured I would write in a manner that I would be able to sing the songs well. I had always doodled with the guitar and chords and melodies seem to come to me easily. Lyrics were always hard; they always sounded trite or plain stupid (you try writing

Vinnie had mentioned most people write about what happens to them, things they see or hear or when they get a flash of inspiration. That's what happened with the "New Moon Smile" original songs. A friend had mentioned how the new moon DID look like a smile. WOW. It does! So I had that idea for the title track but getting the song down took awhile. The music came easily but those darn words......took awhile but in the end I only threw out two lines. From inception to completion was about two weeks of work and it was constant effort.

"Jodi's Shoes" was altogether a different effort. Jodi will have a Q&A blog being posted shortly but from my perspective that song was written in a single Sunday morning. I had known Jodi in passing for awhile but I really got to chat with her at two parties - on a consecutive Friday and Saturday. Suffice it to say she is a very interesting person and certainly charismatic. I woke up Sunday and there was the idea for the song. Everything came together in a few hours. Each verse started with a place we had spoken about; be it Spain, Minnesota or Tuscany. I amused myself with that little hook. The interlude in the middle of the song wrote itself in literally five minutes with very little editing done after the fact. I definitely feel that this was lightning in a bottle and am very pleased with how the song sounds in its finished state.

Recording it however was a

And Vinnie left out out one other piece of advice about composing....try NOT to compare yourself to Lennon and will come up short every time.


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