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When if first arrived at the studio in Bellmore, I thought I was at the wrong place as I was in the middle of a suburban neighborhood! I descended the stairs to Vinny’s studio and pulled out my guitar. I have never been recorded and only played live gigs so I waited for a drummer, bass and singer come to join me. I was surprised to find out I was playing alone! Pooch, Nancy and Vinny were like the Wizard of Oz, hidden in darkened studio. As I played along, I was surprised how many times I was playing the same chords over and over.

When I first heard the song "Billie", I was listening on my Iphone and couldn't hear it too clearly. As I started to toy with the song, Pooch send me the chords, but there was one area I couldn't quite get. So I started improvising on the structure, while keeping enough of the original melody as not to affect the lyrical cadence. When I started playing Pooch told me I had changed it up, but that he liked the new spin on it. It is a great song, one from a heartfelt place. I was honored to play on this tune.

(Hi it's Pooch. Kenny really did an awesome job bringing out the best in this tune. His finger picking was just what I hoped for and although I have only heard rough mixes to date I really know its going to stand out.)

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