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Funk 62 Session - Part Two

So the session started and Nancy was amazed by both Mike’s and John’s musical chops. She had met John when it put the flute down on “Run from the Rhythm” but had never met Mike. Mike is just totally great on piano, bass and guitar – his guitar playing is melodic and cutting as needed. John’s first instrument is the tenor sax and it definitely shows (although he is very accomplished on the alto, flute and clarinet). I might be biased as I love the tenor myself! The two of them have been playing together on and off for close to ten years and that too shows.

We laid down Mike’s lead guitar first and it was totally in line what I wanted. To be honest the track was lacking some “umph” and the leads he put down were just what we needed to get back on track. He ended with a long play out as the song finished and that was very good.

John recorded a funky sax riff on the verses and then repeated the part in a manner that replicated a sax section. It was meaty and like Mike’s guitar playing spot on (I should confess that I am nothing but thrilled with anything they do on the THHB albums – they are fantastic players and really nice guys).

While Mike’s play out at the end of the song was perfect I hit upon the idea of them trading off four measures musical runs (although in the end we had to do 3 measure runs as the song was in 12/8 – don’t forget that…I never will). And this is when the magic happened. They alternated takes and while the first few were simple by the fourth or fifth one it was just amazing. Those in the control room were just blown away by what we were hearing.

Suffice to say I cannot wait to hear the first mix and I know you will all love the final one.

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