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The Third Rail Meets THHB

I had planned a backyard party on September 8, 2018 and wanted our band The Third Rail to perform (Marcello on lead guitar, Joe on bass and myself on drums- the last two are THHB alumni). Unfortunately we lost our lead singer nine days before the event. Pooch had knowledge of several songs and he learned 8 others by playing them with us at breakneck speed. Three practice sessions and some determination had got this effort from a shot in the dark to an all out “non spectator” gig. There were no spectators because everybody was out of their seat and going to the music. In a matter of two weeks, we went from a mere set list to two sets, of which some of the songs were added on the fly. Joe, Marcello, Mike, and I rocked the house (ee the above video), and we did literally since we had to play indoors in a cramped living room since it was a torrential downpour all day in Shoreham. Everyone was up there singing, playing, dancing, and so was the dog.

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