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Funk 62 Session - Part One

While making New Moon Smile I noticed that some sessions just seemed to jell; not only musically but just in the whole feel of what we were doing or working on. I mentioned a few in the Making of New Moon Smile Booklet. A few weeks back we had one such session when Mike Hutt (guitar/keyboards) and John Satir (tenor saxophone) came to lay down their parts on a few Hello Brooklyn tracks.

"Funk 62" has been around since the summer of 2016; I used to dance around the studio with the violin bass playing the riff. I used to tell Joe Pisano that’s "Funk 62". It was too. Quite frankly it’s an ode to "Funk 49" by the James Gang. For a long time that’s all we had…..that funky little bass riff and me dancing around Hard Drive. In the summer of 2017 while New Moon Smile was being mixed I wrote the rest of the song and did my home demo. Something just did not sound right; when we played it for Vinnie he said well you wrote it in 12/8 time (maybe he said something else; I don’t pay much attention to this musical stuff as it gives me a headache). I said no…I wrote it in 4/4 or common time. Vinnie said so why are you playing it in 12/8 time then? OH.

These things do happen with THHB from time to time.

Well suffice to say….this one track has been a total nightmare to record. We recorded and re-recorded it a few dozen times. Vinnie even had the bass line swapped out with a totally different bass part….but then realized the original bass line gave the tune it’s signature sound. It's like taking the bass line out of "Day Tripper" it was quickly put back the way it was. Still Vinnie had to spend no small amount of time on mixing and editing before we could go further.

By the time Mike and John came down on August 22, 2018 we were ready to put down a few intricate parts to the song: Mike’s lead guitar, John’s sax section and the play out at the end. musical magic was about to be made!

But that will have to wait until next time….

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