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Nobody's Girl Sessions

Things are moving along smoothly and wonderfully in the making of Hello Brooklyn. Wednesday’s have become one of my fave nights of the week (used to be Friday lol). Right now we are working on "Nobody’s Girl" – the song Michael wrote for me. I cannot even…it’s just so amazing to hear him laying down the vocals last week, listening to the words he wrote for me about us. It’s really a dream come true for me – to say the least. I am definitely living my rock n roll fantasy lol! The song is really progressing well with different people coming into the studio to lay down their part – the drummer – Dave Scharf – nicest guy –very talented – that was fun to meet him and see how he really got into the song – he even sang a few words – check out the website for the video. Meeting Tom, also an accomplished musician laid down the lead guitar and hearing him riff on it and get into was truly amazing. I am so excited! I am also getting more involved myself playing some percussion – last week I did a mean tambourine on Hello Brooklyn. And this week I got to do the shakers on "Different Place, Different Time". I have to add that without Joe Pisano it would not be the same. He’s so awesome, playing guitar or bass or videoing or whatever needs to be done. He’s an integral part of this undertaking for sure. We are always laughing or just in awe of Michael!! LOL!

I am having the best time right now meeting all these new musicians and watching how Michael and Vinnie produce an album together. Michael'

s so talented although he doesn’t believe it!! He thinks of himself as Ed Wood and we crack up thinking about him as the off the wall but so passionate director – played in the movie so amazingly by Johnny Depp. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

I’m looking forward to the next session where I’ll get to meet and hear some of Michael’s best musician friends and rock along with the great music that comes out of that studio. Till next time…have a rocking great day!

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