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Different Place, Different Time

I have to begin where it all started. The cab of a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a Best Western Hotel in Albany New York. I was preparing myself to listen to a song written by Mike Puccio. The song was called Jodi's Shoes. I have know Mike for several years, and it was only recently that he divulged to me his love of music, and that he was a guitar player and songwriter. Needless to say he piqued my interest immediately. It just so happened he had a rough mix of a song he was recording for his album and would I be interested in listening to it and giving an opinion? "Hell Yes!", was my reply. It's not everyday you get asked to do something like that. So there I sat waiting to hear, what I thought would be some serious lo-fi reproduction, but what I heard was a well produced glorious "rough mix" of Jodi's Shoes. I listened intently as the song played out. I was impressed with the songwriting and the musicianship coming out of the speakers. I gave Pooch my honest opinion and told him that if he ever records a second album that I would love to play on it. It would be a year and a half later. In the Spring of 2018 i started to get e-mails from Pooch. "I got a song i want you to play on." Teasing me, getting me fired up. Then I get a CD in the mail of the first "Album". A solid mix of covers and originals.. Now I am STOKED!!! Damn, can't wait to get in on this. But It would be a few more weeks before I got the "demo" of the song. The song is "Different Place". Now, I have to admit, it was not what I was expecting. LOL So i threw my expectations out the window!! I needed to find the essence of this song..... The recording date for my guitar parts was set, June 30th, 2018. I had spent a couple of weeks noodling around with it. At one point I made the suggestion to Pooch that his should be a reggea tune.. That was immediately shot down... LOL.. Pooch, I still think this would be a kick ass reggea tune, just give it a try man!!! So, I show up at the address Pooch gave me on the day of the date. Suburban Long Island neighborhood. 90 degree day. Not a soul on the Up pulls a car and out steps a gentleman. "Are you John?" he asks me. "Yeah, that's me" I returned. "I'm Joe, Pooch asked me to meet you and take you inside." Here we go..... The results you can hear for yourself. I want to talk about Vinny. The engineer, producer, drummer, and all around dude that knows his stuff behind a mixing board. This guy is the ultimate professional! Explained everything to me. How he was going to record it. What kind of effects I was thinking about using. Did I want to sit or stand. I stood for the session. What was my amp preference. I played through a Fender twin reverb... OOH RAH!!! Water, snacks and whatever else I wanted... Dude was on point! I played a Gretch Electromatic that went through a Rat Pack distortion box and Cry Baby wah wah... HEAVEN!!!!!! I played it clean. I played it dirty. I played it every which way I could... Eight takes. Then some keys and the Hello Brooklyn voice over.. I"m the English dude!!! LOL LOL LOL... Three hours of fun, work, and some serious learning. Thanks Vinny!!!! Pooch, thanks for the opportunity!! I loved it!! If you record another I would love to be a part of the experience again! Oh, and someday I will beat you at ASL... LOL LOL

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