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Rich Feit and Pooch Discuss Writing "My Friends Say"

My name is the Lion Heart. The Avenging Angel of Faith. The Son of the Son of Intense Light. Well “My Friends Say” is about making folks understand that peoples opinions aren't evidence based, and the proof of that is seeing the sun come up at night; It is also "dawn before the darkest..." When we think we know the future, one thing is for certain. We are wrong. When we feel the need to dismiss someone's feelings in the moment, we aren't being kind for a "higher truth", we are being unfriendly. Compassion isn't political. We own our kindness.

Thanks Rich. This is Pooch here. Well Rich had the first verse, the melody and the chords when he first played “My Friends Say” for me. This was in Colorado in April 2017. I thought the tune had a great vibe and when Rich put down the guitar I finished off a bridge and two more versus in about 20 minutes. Sometimes these things happen. The demo for the song was completed back in New York. Much to my pleasure a few people said it sounded like John Lennon. Rich you are a genius!

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