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Adding the Beat to "Hello Brooklyn"

“Hello Brooklyn” was my first musical encounter with a highly mixed track of sampling and soundbites. My biggest challenges were when to start and stop my parts. Utilizing a sloshy hi-hat 8th notes on 4/4 time and adding fills when approaching choruses, but I didn’t always line up with the “Hello Brooklyn” salutations at times, and other times spot on, yet overall a great feat. Getting the right ending on several tries on first half was painstaking but successful. I also had changed to double time on the latter part of the track to bring in more energy.

Vinny N’s musical direction is always enlightening as well as playing on his great studio kit. Got my Kings County history lesson (I’m a former Brooklynite). Always in store for a long tiring but very fun night with these awesome guys!

“Donald Trump! He’s from Queens!”- Good one! :-)

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