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The Making of Hello Brooklyn

I started going to Hard Drive Studios in December when I first met Michael Puccio. I was always into music, especially live music, but didn’t have much experience in the studio. Once when I lived L.A., I hung out with musicians and did get to see a ‘real’ recording studio and have always been fascinated by it. Frankly, anything to do with the entertainment industry or showbiz fascinates me! Anyway, Michael would play me some of his songs from New Moon Smile on the computer but it didn’t really resonate until I went to the studio and heard and saw how it all came together. Wow – it was mind blowing to see how a song goes from its infancy (demo) to an actual recording that goes on an album. When I heard the album in its entirety, the first thing I told Michael was ‘it’s magical’. It really is an incredible thing to not only write two amazing original songs, but then to have your friends and ‘family’ be the musicians on the album. The covers are also quite impressive and produced professionally. OMG – I am in such awe of it – lol…Seriously, I equated it to giving birth. I told Michael ‘it’s like you had a baby and he had to agree. He puts his heart and soul into it – it’s really quite inspiring and amazing. Michael worked with Vinnie and the Homeless House Band for two years and it was worth it. When you can, take a listen and you will fall in love…(like I did)….

Fast forward to today where we go almost every week to Hard Drive and work towards making THHB’s second album (all originals!) Hello Brooklyn. Now I’m getting the hang of how things go, from start – the demo – very rough – Michael makes it at home with his own instruments and equipment – to seeing it come to fruition with a really well produced song – all written by Michael and with his close friends playing or singing on it as well. I really do enjoy this process to see his and Vinnie’s creative minds at work – there is a lot of talent in that studio and it’s very exciting to see it all happen. I even got to sing a little backup on two of the songs which was totally out of my comfort zone but Vin and Michael made me feel comfortable and were able to help me reach those high notes! And it was fun working with Chris Halka too on that. Then one day I got to play the clave’s – which I never heard of – sticks you hit together – and that again was a fun learning experience. I am looking forward to next week when even though Michael always has a plan, we never know what it going to happen at Hard Drive Studios! If you have any comments, you can leave them on the website. Thanks for listening…

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